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Home Coming

After talking about it for over 2 months now, and after booking almost an entire 6 week holiday first, I have finally purchased my ticket home to Melbourne!

My true love, I’m coming home to live in you again! I miss my room. I miss my house. I miss my neighbourhood. I miss my friends. But I think most of all, I miss my car!

The boy is also coming to live in Melbourne with me this time, as we are leaving London for good, so its not going to be a mopey, lonely experience like last summer was. I’m so darn excited, I kind of just want to go straight home, but I know I should make the most of being in Europe, and that’s why I’m leaving my job in 2 weeks time, traveling around the English countryside with my parents for 2 weeks, and then hitting up the continent for 6 weeks. We’ll visit my friends in Sweden before making some new friends on a Busabout tour from Paris through Netherlands, Germany, Prague, Austria and Italy, before heading to Greece and Turkey, and finally flying home from Turkey via Abu Dhabi, to be home in mid-November!

But between now and then, I have so much to do. I have literally spent the last three days making to do lists and trying to tick things off them, packing all our belongings in my mind, hoping they’ll all fit, and doing some ‘last-minute’ shopping of all those amazing shops I will have to learn to live without. Sure, there’s now a Zara and a Topshop in Melbourne, but it just won’t be the same as being 45 mins from Topshop Oxford Street, and also, losing my endless supply of free chocolate when I finish this job is going to be devastating to my bank account.

There is a shining light though, as I now won’t have to live without my favourite London restaurant, Wahaca. Sadly no, they’re not opening up a Melbourne branch (as far as I know..hmm there’s an idea!) but they HAVE released a cook book which I bought yesterday and plan to make just about everything in. It even has the recipe for their Hibiscus margarita which is probably my favourite drink in the world. So so so happy with that purchase!!

But it’s back to the packing lists and shopping lists and trying to empty out the pantry of food rather than buying more for me.

Until next time,

happy travelling. 

My Fashion Blog

I got bored over the weekend and did a thing. I now stand awkwardly in my room and take photos of myself for you to see. WOOOOT!

Check it out here: